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Winding Road

Be Focus Driven

Coaching & Consulting 

with Barbara Salisbury 

Meet Barbara

 Business and Leadership Coach

Barbara Salisbury is a professional Business and Leadership Coach and believes every human being has the innate desire and ability to do great things. Her clients embrace their strengths, take responsibility for their actions, and implement systems and processes that produce consistent results that break through barriers. You are leaving a legacy, make it one of which you are proud.


What People Say

I wanted to take a minute to express my sincere appreciation to you for coaching me and my team.  In the past 3 years I have grown from a single producing agent with one assistant who was completely maxed out at 30M in production to a small team of 4 on track for 60M in sales this year.  The one thing that changed in my business was the decision to get a coach.  Not just any coach, but one that listens to what’s important to me and then helps me chart a course.  I’m so grateful for your guidance as I moved from a single agent to a highly productive small team.

- Tom F., Francis Real Estate Group/Keller Williams Realty

I can't say enough how much I appreciate all the work I've done with you this last year. It's been incredibly personally fulfilling for me and I have grown so much as a result. You guided me to find a confidence and ownership over my work, my life and myself that I have never had before and I hope you know how incredibly valuable that is to me now and will be for me in the future!

- Adelle R., Marketing and Operations Manager

Barbara was an integral part of my decision-making process from beginning to end. She was very good at helping me to understand, weigh, and make many important decisions in my business. I would definitely recommend working with her for your business.

- Bryan J., Allstate Insurance Agency

Barbara brought much needed clarity in my life by helping me learn who I am, how I tick and how I most effectively motivate myself for success. I learned to visualize goals and implement strategies that worked for me! It's been amazing…I can't thank her enough!

- Mark S., Fairway Mortgage

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