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Executive Business Coaching

Coaching is not telling or teaching, but drawing out the individual's unconscious knowledge and wisdom in order to create their best possible life and business. Coaching also provides accountability to assure that the best desired results are achieved.  At times you will be given advice, provided tools or processes. Outside of that, we will use the International Coaching Federation’s description of professional coaching which is a client driven agenda. 

At Be Focus Driven, we believe in a holistic approach that is designed to facilitate the development of personal, professional and business goals and creates strategies for transformation and long lasting change in both your life and business.

Those who take advantage of Executive Coaching will enjoy numerous benefits including (but not limited to) better business and/or individual performance, goal achievement, improved leadership, boost in motivation and focus, positive interaction and collaboration with colleagues and other business relations, greater ability to self-regulate, and more confidence when it comes to making important decisions.

Business Growth

Business Consulting

We often call consulting the "Power of the Pause". We work with purpose-driven leaders who embrace the power of slowing down in order to go fast. 

We begin with the Discovery Phase where we validate what the highest desired outcomes truly are and assess what resources exist to support that endeavor. Common goals for consulting are to identify opportunities to grow the organization, increase profit, manage change initiatives and boost efficiency. 

Engaging Be Focus Driven in the Implementation Phase will then focus on moving that growth metrics forward.  This may include the support of powerful coaching to assure clear action and accountability, quarterly consulting stops to track results,  process engineering, and company training to ensure project stakeholders are all on board. 

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