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The Founder

Business Coach & Consultant

Barbara Salisbury

While working in corporate, Barbara Salisbury found herself struggling with a desire for more independence and freedom in her life and the desire to call the shots in her growth and prosperity. After hearing about the coaching industry and sensing a great fit, she left corporate to become a professionally trained Coach. She started with a focus as a Life Coach however when realizing what she had to offer in the way of business development, she quickly changed tracks to focus on Leadership and Executive Coaching. 


Her training challenged her to use all she would soon be implementing with others, to her own life. She learned powerful communication skills, how to dig deep in her understanding of how she shows up behaviorally and how to take a big dream and break it down into strategies and then daily actions in order to be in high momentum and achieve meaningful results. 


As she studied all the productivity gurus, she learned about how to create intense focus, how to manage your most valuable resources of time, energy, money and learned to love using a planner and to be held accountable to results.


A driving goal was to be able to meet and surpass the income that was available to her in the corporate arena and through applying all of the available resources, she has accomplished what she set out to do. She has now also helped many company executives, independent contractors such as real estate agents and mortgage lenders, and other countless sales professionals and entrepreneurs to achieve the same for themselves. 

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